Art is a Verb

Tinkerlab’s Double Page Spread Challenge inspired me to get out my sketchbook last night.  I rarely ever doodle without purpose anymore so the task of filling TWO blank pages without a specific goal seemed a bit daunting.  I managed to get started even though my kids kept getting out of bed, I didn’t have any room to work, and I had at least 19 other things I was supposed to be accomplishing.  I could feel my brain hurting while I painted.  I had no starting point.  No finish line.  My meandering muscle has gone weak!  Long gone are the days when I filled sketchbook after sketchbook with anything and nothing.  Some pages just blotches.  Some pages letters or poems.  Some pages elaborate projects and ideas.  Some pages blank…

As I start to reclaim my creative life I must remember that doing without purpose is worth the while.


2 thoughts on “Art is a Verb

  1. Oh my gosh, you have a BLOG!! I know what you mean about it hurting the head after a long absence. Ouch, mine hurts too. And maybe one point is to create and exercise your mind in a new way — that a purpose after all 🙂

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